Monday, April 06, 2009

Mondays and a few of my favorite things

I got home today and found a box on my doorstep from my friend Lizzie. You could say I won a bet or a dare, but the details will go with my to my grave. This was an AWESOME package. She definitely knows how to spoil a girl. Inside the package was some GORGEOUS yarn including left to right, some Koigu, two skeins of Knit Pick Gossamer Lace Yarn and Handmaiden Sea Silk. There was also the cutest little kit to make a felted Red Fox. He is darling. There was the book Knit One, Haiku Too by Maria Fire which is a book with stories and Poems about knitting. There was also some point protectors, some stitch markers, some chocolates from Barcelona (courtesy of Lizzie's husband) with a little bunny hidden in the bag with them, some gummy bears, some Malted Easter Eggs, A yummy Orange flavored candle and some great smelling Chai tea that I've never tried before. I love this Monday. Here are pictures of the loot including a close up of the little kit by Crafty Alien (I have never seen these before). I would love to tell you that the chocolates and gummy bears made it through the night, but that would be a lie. I would finish off the Malted Eggs too, but I had better stop before I make myself sick.

I also have a secret that I can't tell anyone, but you will know the details as soon as I'm free to tell. It is going to be an awesome Easter!


Lizzie said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the goodies!!

You are a brave woman and an excellent friend!



Bubblesknits said...

Now you've got me curious. Gah.
Great box, though!

elizabeth said...

Yum! Malted eggs?!!? I've been searching high and low! ;o)