Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was one of those Perfect Saturdays.

I slept in a bit and then headed to get and 1 1/2 hour massage. I thought I had been handling all the recent drama pretty well, but my body is starting to tell me otherwise, so I decided to pamper myself a little bit. After my massage I went and had my favorite salad for lunch and then did a little shopping. When I got home I had two packages. One was a copy of the book "A Patriots History of the United States" and the other was a box from my friend Kandy. Inside the box from Kandy was this:

Two GORGEOUS skeins for Wollmeise!! It totally made my day!

I then fixed myself a pizza and watched a movie. HBO was showing "What happens in Vegas". It was a very cute movie.

While watching the movie I did a little knitting. This was the project of the evening:

The project above is Pluie which is a new free project from Berroco. The owner of the LYS that I occasionally teach at, In The Making, forwarded me the link about this pattern a couple of weeks ago to check out. It was just released last week in this week's Knit Bit. I teach the Beginning Lace class and we have been using the Bathing Beauties pattern by Fibertrends, but was hoping to possibly find a free pattern to use. While this is a quick knit, I don't like it for the class because:

1. It doesn't have a provisional cast on
2. It doesn't have a chart.

The pattern we have been using was perfect because it uses a provisional cast on that is then used to knit the border on the cast on edge and it has a chart and written instructions. So by the end of the class, the students knew how to do a provisional cast on, how to read a chart (for the occasional pattern that doesn't have written instructions) and knows how to knit lace, all while knitting a pretty washcloth. It would be nice if I could find another project that was a free pattern, but haven't found one yet. I guess I will have to come up with one of my own (though borders are hard to find) or just continue to use the one we have been using.

Today, I have just been doing a little laundry. It seems I have a little help with the folding.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ok, I said I would be back....

.....But apparently I was deluded. I haven't had the time to connect the laptop to the old computer and transfer the programs, so I still can't upload pictures to the laptop. I'm sure there is some fancy way to do it since the laptop has a card reader, but just haven't had the inclination to sit down and figure it out. Not to mention that would mean having to charge the batteries in the camera to take pictures. Not that there has been a huge amount of knitting going on here.

I did finish Juliet II, but it appears that Juliet and I are not to have a good relationship. This was was too big too. The top section is fine, but the lace section looks like I'm wearing a bell. I have wet her and thrown her in the dryer and lightly felted her. The felting helped, but it still isn't the most flattering thing I've ever knit. I'm now working on the February Lady Sweater. Let's keep our fingers crossed that she and I are a better match. I also have a couple of pairs of socks going - lace and plain vanilla.

I would like to say this has been a good week, but sadly that just isn't so. I've been having to deal with the usual family drama involving toxic boy, and have also witnessed censorship (again) first hand in the last week. I've seen people I've come to call my friends have their names dragged through the mud this week. It hasn't been pretty and all done without any warning. I try not to get political here since this is a knitting blog after all, but I'm tired of it being acceptable to discriminate against Christians and Conservatives. I'm both and if you don't like it, well Sorry. I don't apologize for my views and my beliefs and I don't need to be educated on how the other side thinks. There used to be a day when you could debate the issues with someone and agree to disagree, but that doesn't seem to be the case in a lot of circles these days. If you don't fall into the party line of thinking well, then you are treated like you are stupid. I'm just sick of it!

Ok, sorry for the rant, now back to the knitting.

Oh and Happy St. Patricks Day!!