Monday, August 18, 2008

How was your Weekend?

Mine was pretty good.  Friday night I went with the Family to grab a pizza at my favorite local Pizza Place.  I really miss my weekly trips there.  Before my best friend got remarried and moved an hour away, that was our Friday night tradition.  Now I'm lucky if I get it once a month.  It was so good.  Then I went home and sat in front of the TV watching the Olympics and knitting.  How about that 100m Butterfly race with Michael Phelps??  Was that awesome or what?  I'm so in awe of him.  He is a phenomenal athlete, he seems to be really down to earth and he is great on the eyes!

Saturday Night was the Back to School bash at my nephew's school.  Since my sister had to work the event, I went to watch after him.  We had a really good time and there were a couple of very satisfying moments.  After that, of course I came home and watched the Olympics.  Now that the gymnastics and swimming are over, I think I'm done with the Olympics.

I visited a new church yesterday in my quest to find a new church.  I really liked it, but it was a big change from what I'm used to.  It is a small church close to where I live and it was a traditional service.  My old church is a very large church (7,000+ members) and a contemporary service.  I have a few other churches that I want to visit before I make a final decision.

As far as knitting goes, I have been working on my Juliet.  I had gotten to what I thought was the final two increase rows only to find out that I went one repeat too many.  But the problem is that instead of having 8 stitches too many, I only have 5.  What this means is that I missed a few increases along the way.  So tonight I have to back out those two rows (over 200 stitches), make the stitch count work and then bind off for the sleeves and then I think there are a few rows before I start the lace sections.  It has been a quick knit so far, but I haven't started the lace yet, so I may be eating those words.

Remember how I told you how my friend Darlene gets me into trouble (aka as "The enabler").  We today, she sent me an email telling me that Grace was looking for test knitters for a new sock pattern she has written.  It is a toe-up lace pattern.  Well, I've been meaning to do a pair of socks from the toe up and just haven't done it.  Well now I have a good excuse.  This will be fun and Darlene and Jessi are also going to be test knitting different versions of the same pattern.


Bubblesknits said...

Evil woman is always talking us into something isn't she? lol

Oh, and when you say there were some satisfying moments, are you referring to Psycho Boy? ;-)

grace said...

Darlene is an enabler to the "nth" degree. You have to watch out for her! :D

Thanks for being a test knitter and also, I LOVE your background!

Holly said...

Missed you Thursday night. Hope you had fun at In The Making. Love the new look. You sound like you have been busy. Darlene, enables all of us. Hehehehehe....