Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Update

First, here is the update on my Junior Achievement bowling. I've raised my goal and my team has met our overall goal. We are now in second place for overall contributions and are trying to see if we can't get into first place. THANK YOU so much for everyone who made a contribution. Half of my contributions came from my Great friends that I've met through knitting or knitting blogs. If you haven't made one and would like to do so, here is the link (absolutely no pressure. I'm tickled that I made my goal).

In my last update, I mentioned that a friend of mine might be coming to town last weekend. I was hoping there wouldn't be anything to happen to cancel it this time and there wasn't. Ken and I have been friends for 11 years. We met when I was working for TCI Cable in one of their divisional offices. TCI was in the process of centralizing all accounting functions to the corporate office in Denver. Ken was one of the employees hired to work in the new department. Ken first came to Birmingham to work for two weeks and then I went to work in Denver for 2 1/2 months. We've been friends ever since. I left Denver in May 1997 and haven't seen him since, but we keep up with each other through phone calls and email. The company he now works for has bought a company in Atlanta, so it looks like he may have to move to Atlanta (which is only 2-3 hours away from Birmingham depending on how fast you drive). Last week he had to be in Atlanta for business, so he stayed over the weekend and drove to Birmingham to see me. It was really good to see him. We had a great time hanging out and catching up with each other. On Friday night, we went to a Thai restaraunt, Surin West, for dinner and then we went to the Blue Monkey which is a Martini and Cigar bar. I absolutely love the Chocolate Martinis at the Blue Monkey. Ok, so we are going into the Blue Monkey and I see this guy way to me and say Hey. I look over and it is my younger cousin. Thinking I've been busted, we head over to say hello only to find out that he didn't realize it was me and I'm denying any reality that he may have been trying to hit on me (EWWWW). We sat down with them for which Ken deserves Hazard Pay. The next twenty minutes were very similar to talking to an Alzheimers patient with my cousin being so drunk that he kept asking the same questions, OVER & OVER. Finally they left and we returned to our nice evening. On Saturday, it was actually a really beautiful day so we decided to ditch the museum of art and went to the Botanical Gardens and walked around enjoying the day instead. After lunch at the famous (well here in the state anyway) Dreamland BBQ, I took him back to the hotel so he could actually work a little. Later that night, we went to my favorite local Pizza place, Tortugas and then later went to a relatively new (at least to me) Wine Bar called The Grape. It was a really nice place to just sit and talk. On Sunday, he got up and drove back to Atlanta to actually look at some houses and then flew back to Denver.

Sunday for me was an afternoon with some wild and crazy women!!! I was teaching a class at In the Making and the lovely Bibby, Darlene, Jessi and Margaret were in the class. Cindy was supposed to join us but was not feeling well, but we missed her terribly. Bibby, Darlene, Jessi & Cindy are all in the knitting group that I meet with in Trussville. They are such a fun group to hang out with. The class was a lot of fun, but they are very difficult to get to behave. There was discussion of my visit with my friend and then the conversation turned to willie warmers and how one would go about measuring for those. I'm a huge slacker at taking pictures, so check the others blogs out for pictures of the class. It is going to be a while until I see my crazy friends again. The week that I would meet with them next is the same week that we will be taking the little boy to Disney World, so I have to wait until the end of March until I get to be a part of the craziness again.

Today I got home to a nice box containing my Easter Beagle sock kit. It is FABULOUS!!! I won't post pictures yet since I know everyone hasn't gotten theirs yet.

We are supposed to have some pretty horrible weather tonight, so I guess I had better go clean out my closet in case we have tornado warnings again. My closet is our "safe place" and it wasn't feeling terrible safe when we had to crawl in there for last weeks tornado warning.

I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did and has a great week.


Bubblesknits said...

"Girls Behaving Badly"...the knitting edition! LOL

J. Denae said...

Congrats on making your goal!!

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Congratulations on making your goal!!! AND....Kudos to you for participating!!

Hee, Jessi's comment!! LOL!!

YOU were what made the class fun....especially with all the highlights of the weekend!!! LOL!!!

We will miss you TERRIBLY and look forward to seeing you when you get back!!!

msubulldog said...

Oh, honey, Dreamland is famous outside of Alabama for sure! At least we still think about it 10+ years later. :)

g said...

That's nice you had fun with your friend - sounds like we like the same places too (Surin and Tortugas ESPECIALLY!!).

Have fun at WDW & I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Holly said...

It looks like you had a good class. I missed you Thursday and will continue, til you come back.

Hope you have fun at Disney!Is

Bibby said...

Have a wonderful Disney experience with your nephew!!! We will miss you at knit knight.
You teach a simply marvelous class darling!!!
Have fun............