Monday, February 25, 2008

Grab a cup of coffee & get comfortable

Wow, I can't believe it has taken me so long to update. Life has just been a little busy lately. But before I begin my tales of what has been going on, let me start with the fact that I am going to be bowling for Junior Achievement on March 7th. To say that I am a pathetic excuse for a bowler would be putting it nicely, but I'm going to go out and make the effort to raise a little money for the cause. If you would like to help a girl out, you can visit my fundraising page here.

Ok, now let's get down to what has been going on the last few weeks. Hmmm, where to start. I guess I should start with the fact that the drama that has been going on seems to be calming down some and looks to be getting better. If it will only quit raining so the migraines will go away. But instead of talking about that, let's discuss what movies I've seen . In the theatre, I've seen Definitely, Maybe & Spiderwick. Definitely Maybe was a very cute film. I just love Ryan Reynolds, he is such a cutie!! We took the little man to see Spiderwick on President's Day. I think I jumped more than he did (but then, I do startle very easily). On DVD, I've seen Becoming Jane about the life of Jane Austin, We Own the Night which was much better than I expected, Good Luck Chuck which was funny, Sydney White a cute little teen movie, The Jane Austin Book Club which was excellent in my opinion and the third Pirates of the Carribean movie which was ok. I still want to see Jumper and The Other Boleyn Girl in the theatre and No Reservations on DVD. Oh and I also spent a Sunday afternoon watching the last five episodes of Band of Brothers on the History Channel. With all the rain and cold here it has been perfect TV and movie weather, if only there were some decent TV. I do admit to my guilty pleasures of Project Runway, Make me a Supermodel and One Tree Hill.

I've also spent an evening at Sip n' Strokes with a couple of girlfriends. We painted Funky Trees. It is a definite that I will NOT be the next Vincent Van Gogh. But it was a lot of fun once I figured out that I pretty much sucked and let go of my Type A personality. Below is a picture of my masterpiece (with my cat Loverboy who wouldn't get out of the picture).

Funky Trees

Ok, now some pictures of some actual Finished objects. Below is a picture of my Tam that I did from the Three Tams pattern on It was an easy project. There is also a picture of me actually wearing the tam that is not so wonderful.

Here are my finished S.E.X. and Candy Monkey socks. They make quite a splash and I love them!! I've also finished another pair of Monkey socks, but since they are for a friend, you will just have to wait for the picture.

In other news, we told the little man last week that we are going to Disney World for spring break. He is totally Psyched!! It will be a quick whirlwind trip with three days in the park, but I know he is going to love it and we will all be exhasted. This will be his very first plane ride. I'm not sure which he is more excited about, the plane ride or Disney World.

I'm also supposed to have a friend coming to town on Friday that I have not seen in almost eleven years. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens. It will be good to see each other again and catch up in person.

And now..... to the recent Stash enhancements of the month.

First up is the February Club selection from Yarn4socks. It is a semi-solid yarn from Yarntini called Berrytini. You can't tell from the picture, but it has specks of a berry pink in it.

Then are the monthly selections from ArtWalk Sock Club and DkKnits. The Art Walk yarn is based on the painting Discarded Roses by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (it is the yarn on the left) and the yarn on the right is my February yarn from DkKnits called Make My Day Award.
Here is some Sophies Toes that I got. On the left is American Patchwork and on the left is Muir Woods, that I got out of a swap with Darlene.

Some more Sophies Toes.........Love is on top and Froggy is on bottom.

And then finally, my Woolgirl order that came today. I got some Yarn Love in Bayfield Apple (left) and some Unique Sheep in Woolgirl with a twist (right).

Later this week the Easter Beagle kits should ship from Woolgirl and next week is march so you know that means new club shipments. I've got to go knit now.........

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Been a little distracted

Sorry everyone, I've been a little distracted with some drama that has been created in my personal life lately, but I'm becoming a grown-up this year and have tried to make some resolutions to end said drama. It is working on some fronts and not working on others. But I am trying and that is all I can do. I am very thankful for those who want to work to put this drama behind us. I've also been a tad distracted by the migraines that the constant weather fronts have been causing me.

I finally finished my Monkey socks. They are so CUTE!!! I promise to post pictures later, I'm just too lazy to go get the camera and upload the pictures. I've also completed one of my loafers and have started to work on the Annetrelac socks using the new Noro sock yarn. They are turning out quite cute if I may say so. Can we say ADD?? I think so. I can never have just one project going.

Tomorrow night is the big Ravelry demo at In the Making. I'm sure there will be lots of people there and it will be fun!

Last weekend, I went to a birthday party and then a group of us went to see Juno. It is a very cute and quirky little film. It was recommended to be by Jamie who works at In the Making. I would definately recommend the movie. The main character MAKES the movie. She should definitely win the oscar for her performance.

Ok, I promise to post pictures soon. I've received several club selections that I need to share.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

You make my Day!!

I'm so tickled! Rani gave me a "you make my day" award. I just don't even know what to say. I'm so glad that someone enjoys my various ramblings and stash enhancements. She has also started a new project called A Year in Socks where we are all going to try to knit at least one pair of socks a month. Check her blog out if you are interested in joining us. I need all the motivation I can get to try to work my way through my ever growing stash (more on that later).

OK, so now here is my list of ten of the people whose blogs I just can't get enough of (in no particular order):

Yarn Collectors Annoymous - the great enabler Darlene who is always good enough to point me toward new types of "yarn crack".

PJBKnit - Another Alabama Knitter who has the same last name as me.

Knitlog - I've know Tonni for a few years now from when we used to go the same knit night. You ought to check out her spinning now!

Alabama Fiber Dreams - The creater of the great S.E.X. & Candy yarn. Need I say more?

Coffee Yarn - I love to hear about the adventures of Oriel the kitten and see what she has been knitting.

Sheep in the City - I love to see what Stacey has been knitting and all her bags!!

NapLover - The greatest swap partner ever!

The Yarn Nut - I'm really liking the Noro socks Cindy, and yes, we will be doing a class for the loafers, just looking for a date (I mean especially since you've already bought the yarn.)

Sheepish Pleasures - I promise you don't have to behave in class Bibby!!

Deep Fried Kudzu - You need to check out Ginger's blog for all the great craftiness and Yummy sounding recipes.

I've even been lucky enough to meet half of the above mentioned blog owners when I joined the Trussville Knit Group. What a great group they are!
I need to find my camera so I can update you on the recent stash enhancements. I received my shipment of Yarn4socks club yarn today, 2 skeins from Sophie's Toes yesterday and I'm still waiting on another skein from Sophie's Toes, DkKnits, & Art Walk Sock club.