Saturday, January 19, 2008

We actually got snow!!

It has actually snowed in Alabama. This is the first accumulation of snow that I have seen in at least six years (my nephew is 6 1/2 and has never seen real snow), and it has probably been much longer than that, I really can't remember. Now I realize that for those of you who live in areas that it actually snows, this is really nothing, but to us it is something. And even better, we didn't get ice first, so life has been able to go on as usual. Below is a picture from my backyard of the snow we got.

We got out this morning and had a world class snowball fight. The Lil man was having such a good time. And I have to admit I had fun too. Below are some pictures of our snowball fight which included our next door neighbor and his son.
Lil Man Making his first snowball.

The fight is on!! I'm after the Lil Man

We even managed to find a patch of snow that was somewhat useful for the Lil Man to make his first snow angel.

Now let's get on to other important information involving actual knitting and yarn!!!

Here is my first completed Monkey sock from my S.E.X. & Candy yarn I got from Jessi at her Etsy shop. (I've really got to get some decent sock blockers). Look at how the red swirls through the pink. I absolutely love them.

Here is a close up of the cuff:

Now for club yarn:

Here is my Be My Valentine Charlie Brown sock kit from Woolgirl. The yarn is dyed by Jana over at White Oak Studios. I love the yarn and the bag Jen's MIL made is too cute. Needless to say I signed up for the Easter kit too.

Here is the January Selection of Art Walk Sock Yarn Club. It is called Flaming June based on this painting by Frederick Leighton. I think Roxanne did a wonderful job with this yarn.

And last but not least is my recent selection from DkKnits called Garden of Tulips. It even came with stitch markers that had the exact same colors in them. I'm still amazed that Becky dyes each of us an individualized skein of yarn each month. Needless to say, I've extended my membership for the rest of the year.


jennyhope said...

i think you were the one having the most fun LOL!!
Girl pray for me about my certain toxic person and i already am praying for you as i kind of figured who you were talking about

Bubblesknits said...

Thank you so much for sharing the picture!!! *big grin* And I bow down to your ability to do the Monkey sock pattern. It kicks my butt every time. LOL

J. Denae said...

I was living in Huntsville in 1997 - "big" snowstorm. A whole INCH of snow. There was not a canned good or bottle of water to be had in the whole city. People freaked out.
Glad the nephew enjoyed it!

Crazy For Yarn In Alabama said...

Nothing like snow to bring out the kid in all of us!!!!

LOVE the socks!!!!

You are in the BEST sock clubs!! Not only is the yarn pretty but all the goodies are GREAT!!!

Rani said...

Hooray for snow! We live in Minnesota and every time it snows we get excited. It doesn't wear off for me!

AND OH MY! I LOVE THE SOCKS! The monkey pattern looks fabulous with that yarn. COOL!

ps. I also got the Valentine kit. I have sport weight yarn. Isn't Woolgirl fab!? I'm signed up for both upcoming clubs. (Mr. doesn't know yet)