Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recipe for Suzanne

The Recipe For Suzanne

3 parts Laughter
2 parts Imagination
1 part Grace

Splash of Intellect

Shake vigorously

Ok, Laura & Tonni did, so I decide to do it too!!

My S.E.X. & Candy came today along with my Be My Valentine Charlie Brown Sock Kit from Woolgirl. Both were just too awesome for words.

But what made my day yesterday was my Angel Package from the Alabama Ornament Swap, complete with more of Jessie's yummy yarn and stitch markers, but also the cutest snowman ever!!

I've taken pictures of everything and I'll try to post them this weekend.


Bubblesknits said...

I really hope you enjoy knitting with it! :-)

Don't you just love Woolgirl? I signed up for her Seven Deadly S(p)ins club and I can't wait to see what she sends.

Rani said...

Love the recipe! (mine has a bit more booze in it :-o)


tonni said...

HA! This HAS to be wrong... how can an accountant have only a SPLASH of intellect?!?!?