Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Ok, Ok, So I know that it is like the 5th of January and I'm just now wishing everyone Happy New Year, but I'm just a little slow at everything these days. I actually finished my Christmas knitting on the 26th of December. My Dad and my sister both got one sock each as I tried to finish their socks. By the time I got done with them, I completely forgot to take pictures of them or the felted slippers I did for Dad. I also realized that I have over a month of yarn stashing and club additions that I haven't shown you. Time is just going by way too fast!

First up are some new additions from Union Center Knits. The Colors are Caramel and Blue Moss. I just love her yarn, it is so soft and the colors are always great.

Then there is the Chick Flicks Sock Club from TV Yarn. This month's Yarn is based on the Movie "Love Actually" (One of my favorites). The Yarn came with a Nutcracker Ornament, some tea, a stitch marker, some Hand lotion and lip balm and a cute little box! I love it. She is starting up her next series on Romantic Comedies and last I looked, there were two spots available. I want to join so bad, but January and February are always big cost months for me with Homeowners dues and Car Tags, but I may crack and sign up any way.

Below is the December Selection from the Art Walk Sock Club from Zen Yarn Garden . I have loved every month's yarn (and I'm anxiously awaiting January as I type). This month is based on the Georgia O'Keefe Black Iris paintings.

I also got the Yarn4Socks Sock Club this month which has two patterns by Melanie over at Pink Lemon Twist and some Semi-Solid Yarn from Madelinetosh.

Whew, almost done with sock clubs. Last Sock Club yarn that I got for December was DkKnits Sock Yarn. I just figured out this month that she personalizes every skein for everyone in the club based on answers to a questionnaire she sent us. How freakin awesome is that??? My yarn this month is called a Glass with Steamy or McDreamy based on my love of Red Wine and Grey's Anatomy. I think it is gorgeous! We also got our project bags with this months selections. Becky got the bags from another Etsy Seller Messie Crafty.

One of my favorite shipments of the month came from my WWCS Swap Partner, Jill. Jill was an awesome swap partner. I was really spoiled. I got a sampler of Starbucks coffee (how sad is it that she figured this would be right up my alley. I love to try different things), Some Coffee Sock Yarn from Shelly Dyes (I see this yarn in a lace sock, kind of like the tea dyed lace my Mom used to use when I was a kid), There is a bar of coffee soap hiding behind the yarn (I got the same thing for my swap pal, how funny is that), some great hand and foot lotion and a foot scrubber thingey, a really cute coffee mug (I love pink and brown together), some adorable coffee bean stitch markers and Jill had emailed me that she wasn't sending any candy because she figured I was probably sick of it (Now how good is that, we had candy and crap coming out of our ears at the office), so instead she sent me the cutest snowman (whose lights blink and he plays a little tune) that was holding a gift card to Panera Bread, which is one of my favorite places to eat. The gift card didn't make it through the week before it was used!! Jill, you are the best swap partner a girl could ask for!! Thanks for spoiling me so well.
Ok, let's see what else have I been up to? There were a few of us who went to see the new National Treasure movie. I really liked it! I was definitely as good as the first movie! I've also seen a few good movies at home. I've seen Live Free & Die Hard, Amazing Grace, Facing the Giants (a MUST see), The Kingdom, The Nanny Diaries, Georgia Rule, and several others that I just can't remember right now. My family spends Christmas Eve & Christmas Day watching movies together. It is a great low key way to spend the holiday. Also add in the fact that I was off the last week of the year and you have lots of movies being watched.
I've also gotten to spend some quality time with some of my girls and we are headed out tonight for a night of Culture. We are meeting for dinner and then heading off to go to the Symphony tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. The Symphony is playing pieces by Shostakovitch and Tchaikovsky (one of my favorites) tonight.

Currently on my Needles are a pair of socks for ME and one of the Three Tams from the newest Knitty issue. It is so cute thus far. I'm supposed to be teaching a class on Fair Isle at my LYS this winter, along with Beginners socks and Beginners lace, so needless to say, I have a few shop models to finish.

I hope everyone had a Great Christmas and a Fantastic New Years!! I'm looking forward to 2008. 2007 was as bad as some years, but I know that 2008 is going to be GREAT!


tonni said...

Happy New Year!

OMG.... you have been holding out on us! Love the "glass with Steamy" :) I also am in love with red wine and McDreamy!

J. Denae said...

I'm glad you liked everything!! I had so much fun putting your package together.
Happy New Year!

Emily said...

Happy new year! You can always take pictures of the second sock!

pjbknit said...

Wow, what beautimous yarn. You racked up!