Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone gets to spend the day with loved ones and friends and remembers all the things they have to be thankful for. (I realize that sometimes family makes it hard to be thankful...LOL). We are all truly blessed even if we don't have all the things we think we want.
I'm thankful for my family, my friends (I have some of the BEST), that I have a roof over my head, plenty of food to eat, clothes on my back, a good job and I live in the greatest country ever.

Eat everything you want, because remember, Holiday calories don't count. Ha Ha!!! And if you can, find a little time for knitting.

I will be spending the day with my family and hope to still have my sanity by the end of the day. They think I'm a bit nutty for knitting, but I keep telling them that I knit so I don't kill someone and thus far it seems to be working!!

Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't forget to go vote

Ok, like anyone could forget with all the media hype.

I did go vote this morning and the lines weren't too terribly
bad. I went after I dropped the little boy off at school, so
I got there right at the end of the early morning rush. I had
to stand in line for about 30-40 minutes. While I was waiting
in line to receive my ballot, there was a woman at what I would
call the "problem" desk. You know, the desk for people who are
listed as inactive voters or they can't find where they are supposed
to vote, etc. Anyway, I was very disturbed to hear this woman
say "Well, I have many different IDs with many different names".
What the crap is up with that???? She was still arguing with
them when I received my ballot, so I don't know if they gave
her a ballot or not. I realize I'm not exactly the smartest
person around, but somehow I just don't think that it is a good
idea to flaunt around (loudly I might add or I wouldn't have
heard it) that you have many different identities. Now this
may have been a complete innocent case of she has been married
and divorced many times and just keeps the IDs as souvenirs,
but the whole conversation was disturbing because of all of the
talk of possible voter fraud. I'm keeping my fingers crossed
that this wasn't voter fraud, but just a clear case of stupidity.

As you would imagine, I was the only one in line knitting. I
cast on for a pair of plain stockinette socks to work on in the
line. I'm using the Pumpkin Pie colorway I got from WhiteWillow
at Etsy last fall. I'm in the need for some fall color and neutral
color socks. Most of mine would not fall into that category.
I'm about 80% done with my Crimson Pride Jaywalkers and will
probably work some more on them tonight. I haven't decided if
I'm going to watch most of the election results or just a recap
later in the evening. Fortunately I have several shows saved
in the DVR that can save me from the talking heads.

I finished the socks for the little boy on Sunday. He was super
excited and wore them to school yesterday.

Other than that, I threw my back out Saturday and I'm living
in the fun world of anti-inflammatory drugs and ice packs. Basically
my sciatica nerve is inflamed. It is a little better since I
went to the Chiropractor yesterday and I go back to see him again

I hope everyone has a good election day and doesn't have to stand
in lines that are too long.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I was bad...

I preordered the Malabrigo Sock yarn today from Webs...two skeins. I had promised myself that I wasn't buying anymore yarn until my next girl's trip, but it was Malabrigo!!! Oh yea, and I also slipped and bought some Valley Yarns Bulky Berkshire for another Juliet. Oh well, just doing my part to help the economy. ;)

I'm turning the heel on my second Jaywalker out of the Crimson pride Lorna's Laces. Pictures soon!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Creepy Crawlies!!!

Warning.....Long Post ahead.

Today I got my Trick or Treat Sock Swap Package. I squealed with delight when I saw that the return address was Yarn Miracle. Yes, that is correct, my swap partner was Emily. I was so excited, especially since, I loved these socks when I saw them on her blog. It was a very creepy spider theme.

Isn't that the coolest little spider basket??? Here is a closer picture of it and my AWESOME socks!!!

Look at all the goodies that were inside the basket....

My package had my socks, that cute spider basket, a great spider project bag (that matches my socks - the inside was lined with turquoise fabric - too cute!!!), Spider bubble bath, spider gummies, spider stitch markers, Creme de Menthe Altoids (I've never seen these before), Chibi needles, Double Point needles and some Soak.

And look, they fit PERFECTLY!!!!

Next, I owe Anita a HUGE apology!!! Since I have been such a slacker about posting, I haven't posted about my package in the Dish Rag Tag. Anita was an awesome teammate. She sent me M&Ms, a fishy note pad and the cutest sheep tape measure and flower stitch markers. Anita even sells stitch markers like these in her shop. Anita, please accept my apology. My life just keeps getting in the way of me actually having a life and time to post to this blog.

Now for a recap of what has been going on. I can't believe it has been a month since my girl's trip to Mentone with the girls from my knit group. Diane very graciously opened her lovely home to us. I went with Diane, Wendy, Darlene, Cindy, and Ashleigh. Check this post on Darlene's blog and here on Wendy's blog for pictures. We had such a great time, but then how can it not be a great time with good friends, yarn purchase, knitting, fantastic food and then more shopping. All of the food was sooooo good, but special mentions go out to Wendy for the Wild Rice soup and Bibby for the Carrot cake (Bibby was supposed to go with us and was sick and unable to go and still sent us the carrot cake - Thanks Sunshine!!!) Grace was also supposed to go with us, but that was when she was having the Man Hands issue and had to take a rest from knitting. I certainly hope Diane invites us back.

Then two weeks ago, Franklin was at Yarn Expressions in Huntsville for the final official photo shoot of his 1,000 knitters project. Darlene and Denise both got slots to have their pictures made. So you know what that meant don't you?? ROAD TRIP!!! Me, Darlene, Denise, Jessi & Holly made the trip to Huntsville and oh what a day it was. We had such a good time!! And Franklin was just as great as I had thought he was from reading his blog. He is so sweet and funny. And he just fit right into our group. He was even admiring my Sparkle Monkeys (pictures to come later). Franklin's book It Iches had just come out (actually I think we got them in advance of the official release date) and we were the first ones to get our books signed.

Now for some actually knitting content from me.

Here are the socks that I knit for my Swap Pal Lisa. The yarn is Spunky Eclectic Tough Sock in the Scarecrow colorway and the pattern is Cedar Creek Socks by Kaci Kyler. This pattern was in the very first shipment of the Socks That Rock club. I've had the pattern for a couple of years now and this gave me a good excuse to try it. I really like how the socks turned and may just have to knit a pair for me.

I also finished my Juliet. The only problem was that it ended up being too big. Well my loss was my sister's gain because it fit her perfectly. I just hate it when that happens. The yarn was Tatamy Tweed that I bought at In the Making a couple of years ago.

I've also finished the first of my Jaywalker socks in the Crimson Pride colorway. I'll post a picture next time. I mean really, I did good to get all of these pictures posted today. I mean what do you expect out of a girl. LOL. Jessi, no comments are necessary from the peanut gallery :)

Lastly, the other package I got in the mail today was this month's installment of the Magnolia Society from Madelinetosh yarns. This month we got Pastoral which will be exclusive to the club. It is 50% silk and 50% wool and feels heavenly and the color is gorgeous.

Monday, August 18, 2008

How was your Weekend?

Mine was pretty good.  Friday night I went with the Family to grab a pizza at my favorite local Pizza Place.  I really miss my weekly trips there.  Before my best friend got remarried and moved an hour away, that was our Friday night tradition.  Now I'm lucky if I get it once a month.  It was so good.  Then I went home and sat in front of the TV watching the Olympics and knitting.  How about that 100m Butterfly race with Michael Phelps??  Was that awesome or what?  I'm so in awe of him.  He is a phenomenal athlete, he seems to be really down to earth and he is great on the eyes!

Saturday Night was the Back to School bash at my nephew's school.  Since my sister had to work the event, I went to watch after him.  We had a really good time and there were a couple of very satisfying moments.  After that, of course I came home and watched the Olympics.  Now that the gymnastics and swimming are over, I think I'm done with the Olympics.

I visited a new church yesterday in my quest to find a new church.  I really liked it, but it was a big change from what I'm used to.  It is a small church close to where I live and it was a traditional service.  My old church is a very large church (7,000+ members) and a contemporary service.  I have a few other churches that I want to visit before I make a final decision.

As far as knitting goes, I have been working on my Juliet.  I had gotten to what I thought was the final two increase rows only to find out that I went one repeat too many.  But the problem is that instead of having 8 stitches too many, I only have 5.  What this means is that I missed a few increases along the way.  So tonight I have to back out those two rows (over 200 stitches), make the stitch count work and then bind off for the sleeves and then I think there are a few rows before I start the lace sections.  It has been a quick knit so far, but I haven't started the lace yet, so I may be eating those words.

Remember how I told you how my friend Darlene gets me into trouble (aka as "The enabler").  We today, she sent me an email telling me that Grace was looking for test knitters for a new sock pattern she has written.  It is a toe-up lace pattern.  Well, I've been meaning to do a pair of socks from the toe up and just haven't done it.  Well now I have a good excuse.  This will be fun and Darlene and Jessi are also going to be test knitting different versions of the same pattern.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank God it is Friday!!

My friend Darlene is good for getting me into all kinds of trouble (She will swear she isn’t. but really she is).   Yesterday, she sent my name in for the Trick or Treat Sock Swap.  Well, you know me, I'll just blindly follow along.  It sounds like fun and I've already found the first item for my swap partner.  It is been a while since I've been a part of a swap.  Now all we need to do is get Jessi to dye us up some Halloween yarn and I think we will be set.

I'm going to try to rest and relax this weekend.  I'm going to go to dinner with my family tonight and then come home and watch Michael Phelps hopefully win his seventh gold medal of these games.  Is it just me or is he a great specimen of eye candy.  Tomorrow's schedule includes cleaning my room and doing some laundry (and of course a little knitting) and then we have a Back to School Bash at my nephew's school.  

As for knitting, now that the Lotus Blossom tank is completed, I've re-cast on for my Juliet.  I frogged it last night because I was convinced at the moment that I was making the wrong size, but now that I've started over, I think I was making the same size all along.  This is my problem with allowing projects to lie dormant for so long.  After Juliet is done, I have in my mind that I'm going to cast on for the Circle Vest in my Noro Silk Garden that I bought last weekend on my yarn expedition.

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


And here is a picture of the finished Lotus Blossom Tank. It is a little big but not too bad and I think the next size down (a whopping 5 1/2 inches smaller) would have been too small. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swimming along

Well, not only is Michael Phelps swimming along in his effort to win 8 Gold Medals in one Olympics, I'm swimming toward the finish lines with my Lotus Blossom tank.  I finished the left side last night, so now I just have to block it lightly to seam the back piece to the front and then pick up the stitches to finish off the armholes and the neckline.  When I started this project, I had three skeins of  Southwest Trading Company's Bamboo yarn in the Techila colorway which is an orange and red mixture (I'll try to get pictures posted soon), which is what the pattern called for.  However, because the pattern as written is a little shorter than I would like I decided to modify it by adding another lace repeat and another inch of stockinette before the armhole bind off which made me very nervous that I would have enough yarn.  Well I'm happy to report that I will definitely have enough yarn and then some.  This yarn seems to last forever.  I can't wait to finish this project.  This project has been a couple of years in the making because I had to keep froggin it because of problems in the lace (first time, I goofed and couldn't fix it and the second time I lost what row I was on and couldn't figure it out).  I have used a lifeline at the end of every lace repeat to keep from having to start completely over again.

I also got a little work done today on my Jaywalkers in the Crimson Pride colorway of Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock while I was in a CPE session.  This colorway is exclusive to Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anyone else watching the Olympics?

Or am I the only geek doing it?  Last night I watched Michael Phelps earn his third Gold medal and then an hour later swim in another Semi-finals.  How does he do it?  Me, I would want to pass out when it was over.  I also stayed up late watching the USA Men's Gymnastics team prove everyone wrong by bringing home the Bronze.  They were doing so well up until the last two events, the Floor routine and the Pommel Horse.  The Pommel Horse was almost the end of them.  Still overall, they did a great job and surpassed everyone's expectations for them.  

As I was watching the Olympics (only after The Closer was over you understand), I was working on my nemesis the Lotus Blossom Tank.  I'm done with the back and have started working on the sections that go over the shoulders and attach in the front.  The right side is done, so now I just have the left side, the seaming and then picking up stitches to do the armholes and the neckline.  I'm so close to being done - FINALLY!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night I went to go see “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” with one of my girlfriends.  It was a cute movie and definitely what I needed after a long week.

Saturday, I went on a quick little yarn expedition to Serendipity Yarns in Tuscaloosa with Darlene & Jessi.  We had such a good time!  Fortunately for our checkbooks, by the time we got there, Ellen and her little helpers had already moved almost everything but the sale yarn.  I still managed to find stuff to buy.  I bought several (ok, seven) more skeins of Lamb’s Pride Worsted at 50% off to make the Fuzzy Feet Slippers for Christmas Presents.  These slippers are a favorite among my family.  My mother somehow manages to wear a hole in them after about a year, but then she does wear them every night except in the Summer.  She loves the fact that she can wash them in cold water and then just hang them to dry.  I also bought some Noro Silk Garden on sale to make a Circle Vest from the Silk Knits book.  There have been classes taught on this vest at In the Making and they have been a big hit.  I also bought some Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple on sale in a lovely Turquoise to make another Clapotis.  With the sale price, I couldn’t pass it up.  Jessi also bought three skeins in a pale pink to make the clap out of.  Lastly, I bought a skein of sock yarn to make the little boy a new pair of socks and some note cards and other knickknacks.  Darlene managed to find some more of a yarn she was looking for to make a vest and also got some Noro Silk Garden to make a Brooklyn Tweed Scarf out of.  So all in all a successful trip by all.  

Other than that, I did a little shopping late Saturday afternoon and then yesterday worked on laundry.  My girl times were definitely the highlights of my weekend!

Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm such a little sheep...

You know sheep have to be led around? Well I feel that way some days. What other explanation would there be as to why I signed up for Dishrag tag the sequel and Mystery Stole 4. Can we say peer pressure? LOL

I know I've been absent for a while now, but I'm going to try to do better. The last couple of months have been very busy, but I have gotten some knitting done and some reading done. I've finished four pairs of socks (not all of them were started in the last two months) and I have been working on my Lotus Blossum tank. I have been to DC, Chattanooga and the Beach. All the trips were fun and I hope to update you on some of the stories soon.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Tuscaloosa with a couple of friends to visit Serendipity Needleworks. Ellen is moving to a new location next weekend and is having a sale, so we are headed down there to see what we can find.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Haven't been in much of a mood to post

Sorry, I just haven't been in the mind frame to post. I try not to post about the things that are stressing me out, so therefore I haven't been posting. Here is a short summary of what has been going on:
  • Vegas Trip over Memorial Day weekend was lots of fun and exactly what I needed. I needed to run away from home.
  • I don't get to run away from home for another month.
  • Car has been costing money to fix (not too bad yet)
  • Toxic Person has been ranting and raving lately (ok, they just haven't stopped, this is really no different from usual). This person regularly keeps everyone in my family upset over some drama they create almost every day. Their latest claim is that they have basically said that they don't think I'm a Christian like they are. Well, that is just a load of bull. My relationship with Christ is personal and I don't feel the need to be at the church everytime the doors are open (their words not mine) to prove it. While they are there "every time the doors are open" it certainly is not evident in their behavior or the way they treat others. I'm really at a huge loss as to how to deal with my anger and frustration over this situation.
  • My mom's favorite cat is quite ill and at one point in time we were looking at the possibility of having all of her cats put to sleep because they thought he had Feline Leukemia or Feline HIV. He has been at Auburn University all week at their Vet Clinic (for those not in the south it is one of the absolute best places to take a terminal/seriously ill animal). Fortunately, both have been ruled out, but they still have no idea what is wrong with him.
  • I did have a great time going to see Sex in the City with my Girls last weekend.
  • I did get a fantastic skein of bright yellow yarn for my June Sock Club selection from DkKnits named especially for me. The yarn is named Suzanne Sunshine. Which I thought was hilarious since I call everyone Sunshine.
  • I haven't done much knitting lately, there has been just too much other junk going on. I did pick back up my Be My Valentine socks and I have turned the heel on the second sock.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It worked!!

Ok, so the test run of the email posting worked.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this one works too.  Technology scares me sometimes.  I mean sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

So how far back do I go to catch everyone up? I guess I back up for the last month, since I still owe details on my Nashville trip.  My college roommate's husband and mother conspired against her and called me and another one of our sorority sisters, Dani, that Angie lived with before me to see if we were available for a visit for Angie's 40th Birthday.  I took off that Friday and headed to Nashville.  Dani and her two children had arrived on Thursday afternoon surprising Angie.  When I got there on Friday afternoon, all the kids were playing and the door to the kitchen was open and I just walked and surprised her.  It was GREAT!  She had no idea I was coming.  Steve and Angie's Mom had planned a dinner for her at Angie's favorite restaurant, Amerigo's.  We had a great dinner and then we headed back to the house.  Steve handled all of the kids (all four of them) so that the girl's could have a little bonding time watching a chick flick, Atonement.  Then on Saturday, Steve took all the kids to the park so that we could go to lunch before Dani and her kids had to leave Saturday afternoon.  I had not seen Dani is 16 years since Angie & Steve's wedding.  We had a fantastic time catching up.  I stayed Saturday night as well and we got up Sunday and went to church where Angie's youngest daughter was singing with her Angel choir.  She was so cute.  We then went to lunch with Angie's parents and I headed back to Birmingham in the afternoon.  

The next weekend was the Kathleen Edwards concert at Workplay with some friends on Friday night.  It was a really good concert and we had a great time.  We also had a birthday party for a friend of my sister's on Saturday night that was a lot of fun and highly entertaining.

The next weekend, I spent the evening with one of my girlfriends at a wine tasting at a local wine shop, Pleasure is All Wine.  It was a great tasting and a lot of fun.  I will definitely do it again.  This way you have tasted some of the wine before you buy them to know if you like them or not.  Afterwards, we went and grabbed a cup of coffee and just sat and talked.  Then on Sunday, we went to the Art Festival at Linn Park.  I saw a great artist who does these adorable (but very expensive) paintings with sheep.  I grabbed her card thinking I would order one online rather than spending a ton of time going through her prints.  I wish now I had spent the time because the prints are more expensive on her website.  The artist is Conni Togel.  You should check out her stuff it is adorable. A couple of my favorites are Bad Girls, High Strung and Hover Craft.  It was a great festival and I will definitely go again next year.

Finally, last weekend.  Friday night I went to see Santana with a friend of mine.  It was a Fantastic concert and a great people watching extravaganza.  There was such a diverse group of people there.  The weather was nice and provided a great evening for an outdoor concert.  Saturday I worked at In the Making.  We had a group from Florence, Alabama that came in on a yarn crawl.  They were a lot of fun!  On Sunday, I finished my tank (yes, that is correct, a finished object) from the Noro Taiyo yarn I had bought a couple of weeks ago.  I think I'm in love!!  It turned out great!  I then cast on for a Racerback Tank using the Rowan Summer Tweed I had in my stash.  It was originally meant to be another tank that I ended up hating and frogged a couple of years back.  I'm currently about 8 inches into it, so hopefully it will be done before I go to Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend.

Monday night I went to a book signing with Debbie Macomber at Books-a-million.  She was very funny and very sweet.  She sounds just like you would think she would from her books.  I also got to meet J.P. there.  It was great to finally meet J.P. after following his blog.  He is exactly how I imagined him to be.  After meeting him, I'm really hating that he is looking to move away.  We will definitely be trying to meet up again and do something.  I also met Ellen who owns the shop, Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa.

This weekend is the little boy's birthday party on Saturday night.  I can't believe he will be 7 next week.  How in the world did that happen?  I should be exhausted by Sunday with working at In the Making on Saturday followed by the birthday party.  Donna is having a big sale this weekend at the shop, so if you are in town, you should come by and check it out.

Ok, I know I still owe pictures, but hopefully if this email thing works, I'll be posting more often.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Testing, Testing

This is just a test post for emailing my posts to the blog.  Hopefully if this works, it will make it easier for me to post more frequently.


And now back to your regularly scheduled events………….

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad Blogger

Ok, so lately I have sucked at the blogging thing. Just a quick update and I promise to post more later.

  • The Nashville trip was awesome. (I actually have pictures I'll post later)
  • I'm doing fairly well on not buying yarn (I didn't say I would totally stop)
  • My family's toxic person is acting a butt again (really is that such a surprise???)
  • My friend Jill could use some serious lovin'
  • I started on a tank with the new Noro Yarn I bought last week (It was the only yarn I bought last week, so that is better than usual)
  • I still haven't finished my Monkey socks for the DkKnits KAL
  • I've been on a kick of crocheting "warshrags" - what is that all about, I don't crochet.

I promise I'll add more details later, but I didn't want everyone (ahem....Jessie) thinking I was under a rock somewhere. Seriously, Thanks to everyone who has expressed concerned over me not blogging much lately and checking on me. It really does mean a lot to me that people are concerned about me. Love Ya'll!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm still here......barely

Wow, it has been a really long time since I posted. For my few devoted readers....Sorry.

There has been a lot going on here. We rearranged the little boy's room and moved the computer and computer armoire out of his room and into the dining room. I've also been going through every box and drawer in my room and cleaning out. My sister and nephew have now lived with me for over 3 years now on what was supposed to be a temporary adjustment. I'm fine with the fact that they still are here, but with all of us in this house, we just have too much stuff and it is time for some of it to GO!! I'm done with all the clutter and it taking forever to clean the house. This process will most likely consume my weekends for the next month, but I know it will be worth it in the long run. Which brings me to my yarn stash. What was I thinking folks?!?!?!? I know it is pretty and everything, but it seems to be multiplying like rabbits. Must stop buying and start knitting. Now those of you who know me, know that this doesn't mean I will completely stop buying yarn that speaks to me, but it is now going to have to speak very loudly. I've stopped all of my clubs except for one and that is because it is prepaid (and it is nice to have at least one surprise each month). There is even the remote possibility that I may have a stash sale, but I'm not committing to anything just yet.

Then there has been the Vertigo that has been plaguing me for the last 3 days. I'm ready for the room to quit spinning. Needless to say since I'm on the computer, it is has gotten much better than it was yesterday, but I still feel like I've had a little too much to drink. No fun what so ever. I went to the Doctor and he prescribed my an antibiotic to go with my Antivert (motion sickness pills) thinking I have a sinus infection or slight inner ear infections.

This weekend I'm supposed to drive to Nashville for my college roommate's 40th birthday. She has no idea that myself and another of our sorority sisters are coming (at least she didn't know last week when I talked to her mother). I'm really looking forward to seeing her and getting to celebrate this milestone birthday with a little girl time.

Believe it or not, there has been a little knitting going on. I'm almost done with my no purl monkeys for the DkKnits KAL. I'm also working on the Lotus Blossom Tank (aka how many times can I screw this lace pattern up tank) and a pair of plain vanilla socks which are all my head can handle at the moment.

Sorry to be away so long and I promise to try to upload pictures next time.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008

Come on, join us, you know you want to. You can sign up here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is what Exhaustion looks like...........

Ok, This is what a girl looks like after being drug through 4 parks in three days. It was 87 degrees last Saturday. I was tired, hot, sweaty and ready to head to the airport.
We has an absolutely FANTASTIC time and the little man LOVED it. This was by far the best family vacation we have ever taken. Everyone got along, we laughed and just had a great time.

First we went to Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM Studios) because that is where the Power Rangers are. We walked in just as the High School Musical 2 parade was starting. Since the little man also loves High School Musical 2, he was in heaven.

We then headed off for the land of Power Rangers. They ride out in their car and then get off, strike their poses and start to mingle. The little man got the autographs of every Power Ranger and had his picture made with all of them. While none of them are posted here, trust me we saw all of the Power Rangers.

The we strolled over and had a family photo with Mater and Lightning McQueen. This is the first ever picture we have had made with all five of us (how sad is that???).

We ran around and met more Characters to have pictures with and get autographs from and then headed over to the Magic Kingdom.

Our Guide on the Jungle Boat Cruise......

Me and the little man in line for one of the rides.

We tried to help catch Stitch when he excaped from the prisoner teleport center.

On the last day, we went to both Epcot and the Animal Kingdom.

Me and the little man.

We stood in line to meet more Disney Characters.
Here is my sister, the little man, Mickey and Myself. (Mickey even gave me a smooch!!)


Minnie Mouse

The Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom

Pluto out on the loose........

And Mickey telling us Bye!!

Sorry it took so long to get this post done. One of these days I'll find a quicker way to upload pictures to blogger and I've just been too tired to deal with it this week.
Like I said, we had a Fantastic time and there is now talk of the next trip.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going to see the Mouse

That's right, it is almost time to go see THE Mouse. Since I'm going to have to go to bed super early tomorrow night (our flight is at 6:30am on Thursday Morning), I figured I had better post now.

We are almost off to take the Little Man to Disney for his first time. I'm sure we will all have a GREAT time if we can just manage to get up on Thursday.

To all my chicks in Trussville, don't have too much fun without me Thursday night. I'll see you the end of the month.

In Knitting new, I had to totally frog my Coco Knits Nikola tank. I would like the thing to cover my stomach (what is up with that??). I'll redo it, but make it about 2" longer than the pattern calls.

I have lots of new stash enhancements but you will just have to wait for the yumminess.

OOOH, I almost forgot. Go check out Bibby's blog and see the Tam she did after our class. Sunshine did an AWESOME job!! Now I'm just waiting to see Darlene and Jessi's progress at the end of the month.

I'll tell Mickey you said HI!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Update

First, here is the update on my Junior Achievement bowling. I've raised my goal and my team has met our overall goal. We are now in second place for overall contributions and are trying to see if we can't get into first place. THANK YOU so much for everyone who made a contribution. Half of my contributions came from my Great friends that I've met through knitting or knitting blogs. If you haven't made one and would like to do so, here is the link (absolutely no pressure. I'm tickled that I made my goal).

In my last update, I mentioned that a friend of mine might be coming to town last weekend. I was hoping there wouldn't be anything to happen to cancel it this time and there wasn't. Ken and I have been friends for 11 years. We met when I was working for TCI Cable in one of their divisional offices. TCI was in the process of centralizing all accounting functions to the corporate office in Denver. Ken was one of the employees hired to work in the new department. Ken first came to Birmingham to work for two weeks and then I went to work in Denver for 2 1/2 months. We've been friends ever since. I left Denver in May 1997 and haven't seen him since, but we keep up with each other through phone calls and email. The company he now works for has bought a company in Atlanta, so it looks like he may have to move to Atlanta (which is only 2-3 hours away from Birmingham depending on how fast you drive). Last week he had to be in Atlanta for business, so he stayed over the weekend and drove to Birmingham to see me. It was really good to see him. We had a great time hanging out and catching up with each other. On Friday night, we went to a Thai restaraunt, Surin West, for dinner and then we went to the Blue Monkey which is a Martini and Cigar bar. I absolutely love the Chocolate Martinis at the Blue Monkey. Ok, so we are going into the Blue Monkey and I see this guy way to me and say Hey. I look over and it is my younger cousin. Thinking I've been busted, we head over to say hello only to find out that he didn't realize it was me and I'm denying any reality that he may have been trying to hit on me (EWWWW). We sat down with them for which Ken deserves Hazard Pay. The next twenty minutes were very similar to talking to an Alzheimers patient with my cousin being so drunk that he kept asking the same questions, OVER & OVER. Finally they left and we returned to our nice evening. On Saturday, it was actually a really beautiful day so we decided to ditch the museum of art and went to the Botanical Gardens and walked around enjoying the day instead. After lunch at the famous (well here in the state anyway) Dreamland BBQ, I took him back to the hotel so he could actually work a little. Later that night, we went to my favorite local Pizza place, Tortugas and then later went to a relatively new (at least to me) Wine Bar called The Grape. It was a really nice place to just sit and talk. On Sunday, he got up and drove back to Atlanta to actually look at some houses and then flew back to Denver.

Sunday for me was an afternoon with some wild and crazy women!!! I was teaching a class at In the Making and the lovely Bibby, Darlene, Jessi and Margaret were in the class. Cindy was supposed to join us but was not feeling well, but we missed her terribly. Bibby, Darlene, Jessi & Cindy are all in the knitting group that I meet with in Trussville. They are such a fun group to hang out with. The class was a lot of fun, but they are very difficult to get to behave. There was discussion of my visit with my friend and then the conversation turned to willie warmers and how one would go about measuring for those. I'm a huge slacker at taking pictures, so check the others blogs out for pictures of the class. It is going to be a while until I see my crazy friends again. The week that I would meet with them next is the same week that we will be taking the little boy to Disney World, so I have to wait until the end of March until I get to be a part of the craziness again.

Today I got home to a nice box containing my Easter Beagle sock kit. It is FABULOUS!!! I won't post pictures yet since I know everyone hasn't gotten theirs yet.

We are supposed to have some pretty horrible weather tonight, so I guess I had better go clean out my closet in case we have tornado warnings again. My closet is our "safe place" and it wasn't feeling terrible safe when we had to crawl in there for last weeks tornado warning.

I hope everyone had a great weekend like I did and has a great week.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Grab a cup of coffee & get comfortable

Wow, I can't believe it has taken me so long to update. Life has just been a little busy lately. But before I begin my tales of what has been going on, let me start with the fact that I am going to be bowling for Junior Achievement on March 7th. To say that I am a pathetic excuse for a bowler would be putting it nicely, but I'm going to go out and make the effort to raise a little money for the cause. If you would like to help a girl out, you can visit my fundraising page here.

Ok, now let's get down to what has been going on the last few weeks. Hmmm, where to start. I guess I should start with the fact that the drama that has been going on seems to be calming down some and looks to be getting better. If it will only quit raining so the migraines will go away. But instead of talking about that, let's discuss what movies I've seen . In the theatre, I've seen Definitely, Maybe & Spiderwick. Definitely Maybe was a very cute film. I just love Ryan Reynolds, he is such a cutie!! We took the little man to see Spiderwick on President's Day. I think I jumped more than he did (but then, I do startle very easily). On DVD, I've seen Becoming Jane about the life of Jane Austin, We Own the Night which was much better than I expected, Good Luck Chuck which was funny, Sydney White a cute little teen movie, The Jane Austin Book Club which was excellent in my opinion and the third Pirates of the Carribean movie which was ok. I still want to see Jumper and The Other Boleyn Girl in the theatre and No Reservations on DVD. Oh and I also spent a Sunday afternoon watching the last five episodes of Band of Brothers on the History Channel. With all the rain and cold here it has been perfect TV and movie weather, if only there were some decent TV. I do admit to my guilty pleasures of Project Runway, Make me a Supermodel and One Tree Hill.

I've also spent an evening at Sip n' Strokes with a couple of girlfriends. We painted Funky Trees. It is a definite that I will NOT be the next Vincent Van Gogh. But it was a lot of fun once I figured out that I pretty much sucked and let go of my Type A personality. Below is a picture of my masterpiece (with my cat Loverboy who wouldn't get out of the picture).

Funky Trees

Ok, now some pictures of some actual Finished objects. Below is a picture of my Tam that I did from the Three Tams pattern on It was an easy project. There is also a picture of me actually wearing the tam that is not so wonderful.

Here are my finished S.E.X. and Candy Monkey socks. They make quite a splash and I love them!! I've also finished another pair of Monkey socks, but since they are for a friend, you will just have to wait for the picture.

In other news, we told the little man last week that we are going to Disney World for spring break. He is totally Psyched!! It will be a quick whirlwind trip with three days in the park, but I know he is going to love it and we will all be exhasted. This will be his very first plane ride. I'm not sure which he is more excited about, the plane ride or Disney World.

I'm also supposed to have a friend coming to town on Friday that I have not seen in almost eleven years. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens. It will be good to see each other again and catch up in person.

And now..... to the recent Stash enhancements of the month.

First up is the February Club selection from Yarn4socks. It is a semi-solid yarn from Yarntini called Berrytini. You can't tell from the picture, but it has specks of a berry pink in it.

Then are the monthly selections from ArtWalk Sock Club and DkKnits. The Art Walk yarn is based on the painting Discarded Roses by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (it is the yarn on the left) and the yarn on the right is my February yarn from DkKnits called Make My Day Award.
Here is some Sophies Toes that I got. On the left is American Patchwork and on the left is Muir Woods, that I got out of a swap with Darlene.

Some more Sophies Toes.........Love is on top and Froggy is on bottom.

And then finally, my Woolgirl order that came today. I got some Yarn Love in Bayfield Apple (left) and some Unique Sheep in Woolgirl with a twist (right).

Later this week the Easter Beagle kits should ship from Woolgirl and next week is march so you know that means new club shipments. I've got to go knit now.........

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Been a little distracted

Sorry everyone, I've been a little distracted with some drama that has been created in my personal life lately, but I'm becoming a grown-up this year and have tried to make some resolutions to end said drama. It is working on some fronts and not working on others. But I am trying and that is all I can do. I am very thankful for those who want to work to put this drama behind us. I've also been a tad distracted by the migraines that the constant weather fronts have been causing me.

I finally finished my Monkey socks. They are so CUTE!!! I promise to post pictures later, I'm just too lazy to go get the camera and upload the pictures. I've also completed one of my loafers and have started to work on the Annetrelac socks using the new Noro sock yarn. They are turning out quite cute if I may say so. Can we say ADD?? I think so. I can never have just one project going.

Tomorrow night is the big Ravelry demo at In the Making. I'm sure there will be lots of people there and it will be fun!

Last weekend, I went to a birthday party and then a group of us went to see Juno. It is a very cute and quirky little film. It was recommended to be by Jamie who works at In the Making. I would definately recommend the movie. The main character MAKES the movie. She should definitely win the oscar for her performance.

Ok, I promise to post pictures soon. I've received several club selections that I need to share.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

You make my Day!!

I'm so tickled! Rani gave me a "you make my day" award. I just don't even know what to say. I'm so glad that someone enjoys my various ramblings and stash enhancements. She has also started a new project called A Year in Socks where we are all going to try to knit at least one pair of socks a month. Check her blog out if you are interested in joining us. I need all the motivation I can get to try to work my way through my ever growing stash (more on that later).

OK, so now here is my list of ten of the people whose blogs I just can't get enough of (in no particular order):

Yarn Collectors Annoymous - the great enabler Darlene who is always good enough to point me toward new types of "yarn crack".

PJBKnit - Another Alabama Knitter who has the same last name as me.

Knitlog - I've know Tonni for a few years now from when we used to go the same knit night. You ought to check out her spinning now!

Alabama Fiber Dreams - The creater of the great S.E.X. & Candy yarn. Need I say more?

Coffee Yarn - I love to hear about the adventures of Oriel the kitten and see what she has been knitting.

Sheep in the City - I love to see what Stacey has been knitting and all her bags!!

NapLover - The greatest swap partner ever!

The Yarn Nut - I'm really liking the Noro socks Cindy, and yes, we will be doing a class for the loafers, just looking for a date (I mean especially since you've already bought the yarn.)

Sheepish Pleasures - I promise you don't have to behave in class Bibby!!

Deep Fried Kudzu - You need to check out Ginger's blog for all the great craftiness and Yummy sounding recipes.

I've even been lucky enough to meet half of the above mentioned blog owners when I joined the Trussville Knit Group. What a great group they are!
I need to find my camera so I can update you on the recent stash enhancements. I received my shipment of Yarn4socks club yarn today, 2 skeins from Sophie's Toes yesterday and I'm still waiting on another skein from Sophie's Toes, DkKnits, & Art Walk Sock club.

Friday, January 25, 2008

How cute are these??

Have you seen these loafers from Cocoknits?? Aren't they the cutest ever? Donna at In the Making has me hooked to try a pair of these. They use Malabrigo which I just LOVE!!! We are even considering teaching a class on these (but first need to knit my own pair). If the roads don't ice tonight (yes, there is another threat of winter weather on another weekend), then I'll be at the shop in the morning for my first class of the year, Beginning socks. I'm really looking forward to it, plus, it will give me the opportunity to pick up that Malabrigo I need.

My favorite enabler, Darlene, had gotten me hooked on some new yarn "crack", Sophies Toes. Wow at the colors!!! I love it and have sent an Etsy convo to be added to the update list for more. I like Darlene's perspective on stash enhancing. We are just preparing for our eventual (not anytime soon) retirement because one day we will be on fixed incomes and won't be able to afford this fabulous yarn, but that will be ok, because we will already have it!! Great perspective!!!

I also got the first of my piddly bags from Piddleloop. It is so cute! I'll take some pictures of it and my new yarn "crack" and try to get them posted this weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Friends & Good Food

I've been planning to visit the Trussville Knitting group for a while now (well on the weeks I'm not a knit night at In the Making). So this afternoon, I emailed Darlene about it. Well, I would pick the one week they are not knitting, but instead were meeting for dinner at a great little Mexican Restaurant in Trussville (the name totally escapes me at the moment). I had a really good time and it was nice to put some faces with some of the blogs I read. I met Holly, Kay, Bibby, Cindy, Ginger, Jan, Darlene, Marie & Camille (**edited to add the names I had screwed up/forgot. I am so horrible with names!!!

Since next Thursday is the fifth Thursday of the month, I'll join them in Trussville for a little knitting and socializing.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We actually got snow!!

It has actually snowed in Alabama. This is the first accumulation of snow that I have seen in at least six years (my nephew is 6 1/2 and has never seen real snow), and it has probably been much longer than that, I really can't remember. Now I realize that for those of you who live in areas that it actually snows, this is really nothing, but to us it is something. And even better, we didn't get ice first, so life has been able to go on as usual. Below is a picture from my backyard of the snow we got.

We got out this morning and had a world class snowball fight. The Lil man was having such a good time. And I have to admit I had fun too. Below are some pictures of our snowball fight which included our next door neighbor and his son.
Lil Man Making his first snowball.

The fight is on!! I'm after the Lil Man

We even managed to find a patch of snow that was somewhat useful for the Lil Man to make his first snow angel.

Now let's get on to other important information involving actual knitting and yarn!!!

Here is my first completed Monkey sock from my S.E.X. & Candy yarn I got from Jessi at her Etsy shop. (I've really got to get some decent sock blockers). Look at how the red swirls through the pink. I absolutely love them.

Here is a close up of the cuff:

Now for club yarn:

Here is my Be My Valentine Charlie Brown sock kit from Woolgirl. The yarn is dyed by Jana over at White Oak Studios. I love the yarn and the bag Jen's MIL made is too cute. Needless to say I signed up for the Easter kit too.

Here is the January Selection of Art Walk Sock Yarn Club. It is called Flaming June based on this painting by Frederick Leighton. I think Roxanne did a wonderful job with this yarn.

And last but not least is my recent selection from DkKnits called Garden of Tulips. It even came with stitch markers that had the exact same colors in them. I'm still amazed that Becky dyes each of us an individualized skein of yarn each month. Needless to say, I've extended my membership for the rest of the year.