Monday, December 03, 2007

Getting Ready for Christmas & WWCS Topic of week

Well, I've officially started getting ready for Christmas. The music is in the CD player in the car, the shopping is officially done (Thank Goodness!) and the decorations are up.

I started shopping on Saturday and finished tonight. Fortunately, I have a very small list, but it is done none the less. Yesterday, I pulled out all the decorations and put the tree up and all the santas and snowmen out. I'm starting to get in the spirit now!

Now all I need to do is make a decision concerning Christmas cards and get them in the mail.

For WWCS this week, we were supposed to have "coffee talk" with someone else from the swap. Lesley left me a comment today and I decided to check her out as well. I've learned that she is venturing into dyeing her own yarn which I think about at times, but really I just can't fit anything else into the schedule right now. I've also found out that she is co-hosting a cocoa swap that deals with both Hot Chocolate & Yarn. What a perfect combination!!


Your said...

Just checking in! Your package will be sent on 12/15...

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