Saturday, December 08, 2007

Are you Yankee or Dixie?

Here is a fun little quiz that my friend Marla sent me.

I took it a couple of days ago and I was 88% Dixie, but I retook it this morning when I was adding the link here and I don't think any of my answers have changed, but this is what it told me: 100% (Dixie). Is General Lee your father?

I mean really, I was born and raised in the South. Does this surprise anyone??

I'm trying to patiently wait on my December club yarns, not that I need them for any reason, but I just want them. I'm hoping I'll get my ArtWalk yarn today. I know that I won't get DKKnits or my ChickFlick yarn until next week because they were both shipping today. I did already get my yarn4socks packaged. It came with a pretty semi-solid green from Madelinetosh and a pattern from Melanie at Pink Lemon Twist.

Like I said, I don't have time to deal with them when they get here. I'm working on Christmas knitting. I need to finish up the ornament for my Alabama Ornament swap pal, and I have to finish Christmas socks. (pretty much one sock left for each person) I also have to do a pair of felted slippers for my Dad. But all the decorations are up and it is starting to feel a bit festive around here.

The little man and I watched Shrek the 3rd last night. If you haven't seen it, it is kind of cute. Definitely more humor for the adults, but the kids seem to love it.


tonni said...

Seems I'm 89 percent Dixie and may have Confederate ancestors :)

jennyhope said...

I am 86 percent dixie!