Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What I'm thankful for and I've created a monster

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow I thought I would share what I'm thankful for (plus it is the WWCS topic for the week). I'm thankful for a wonderful family and the fact that we are all healthy. It has been and up and down year with my parent's health with them both being diagnosed as Pre-diabetic, but everything seems to be getting under control and for that I'm extremely thankful. I'm also thankful for a great group of women that I can surround myself with. My group of girls (you know who you are) are a great blessing to me. They are a huge support system and a HUGE amount of fun to be with. I'm grateful that I have been reunited with these women over this last year and look forward to next year.

Now for the monster I've created. My nephew (aka "The Little Man") decided that he needed a pair of handknit socks. So we went through my stash and found some yarn that wouldn't be considered too girly. I gave him the finished socks on Monday night. After properly oohing and awing over them, this is the conversation that took place.

Little Man: (rubbing his hands over the socks on his feet) They are perfect Zanny! (what he calls me) I love them
Me: Thank you baby
Little Man: You know, I was thinking, Christmas will be here soon
Me: Yes baby, I know.
Little Man: I think I need a pair of red and green socks for Christmas.
Me: Baby, I don't have any red and green sock yarn
Little Man: Well, you could go buy some.
Me: Yes, baby, I guess I could.

So what did I do yesterday at lunch?? Of course, I ran to In the Making and got the Red, White & Green Regia sock yarn. I'm through the heel turn and halfway done with the foot on sock one.

What can I say, I can't deny that child anything.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Your said...

You're a great aunt!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

-Swap Pal

Rani said...

And you shouldn't! That's what aunts are for! And especially when he is so appreciative. What a dear. He'll be so happy in his socks and Aunty will be proud!

jennyhope said...

i just love you Zanny!!