Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Issues, Issues, Issues

Hello, My name is Suzanne and I have an addiction to yarn. For those of you who know me, you know that is just one of my issues that I have. But I just can't seem to help myself. It is just so pretty & soft, and did I mention "one-of-a kind"? I'm really a sucker for that. I love the independent yarn dyers because I know that even if they dye the same colors, it won't turn out exactly the same. Here are some examples of my recent falls off the wagon.....I mean purchases.

First is some yarn from a little buyer I found on Etsy, Thankewe Yarns. This yarn is called lighthouse. I really needed to retake the picture to better capture it, but oh well, that didn't happen. Still trying to decide if this yarn will be for me or for a Christmas present.

Next up is probably one of my favorite purchases I have made in a while. It is the Bamboo/Merino Wool sock yarn from Joyce at Elliebelly in the colorway Hedgehog. There are really not words to express how I feel about this yarn. I love the feel of it, the color of it, EVERYTHING. I had to wind it up the day I got it and start on a sock for ME. I'm through the heel turn on sock one.

Also, in my package from Joyce was this lovely lavender scented sachet. OMG, it smells divine. I could smell it before I even opened the envelope. Joyce is a very gifted artist and if you have time you should check out some of her artwork on her website.

Last but certainly not least is some Yarntini Sport weight yarn in appletini that I managed to snag from Amy. It seems she did what several of us have been known to do and that is purchase something we already have. I personally am glad she made this mistake because getting my hands on the yarntini yarn has been somewhat like finding a good man........IMPOSSIBLE (that is a completely different rant that I will spare everyone from).

OK, so on to my next major issue......ADD. I seem to have lots of things in progress, but have issues finishing things. Here is example number one. This is the Back to School Tank from Fitted Knits. I'm actually making good progress on this now and I'm about 45% complete now.

Example number two would be a pair of socks for my sister for Christmas (here's hoping she doesn't know or find out about this blog or oops! there goes the surprise). I'm working on the toe decreases on sock one. I got most of this sock done during CPE classes (remember that issue???). The difficulty of these socks is that she knows about the yarn and wants it for herself (convenient isn't it?), so anyway, if I knit them at home or my parents house, then she will know. So these are strictly being worked on at work (during lunch) or at other down times.

Now these are the socks I originally planned for my sister for Christmas that she has no idea about. These are out of Opal Rainforest in Tiger. These have recently gotten bumped in favor of the tank and the Hedgehog socks.

Next up is my Hedera socks out of the lovely Jitterbug Colinette. While this is an easy lace repeat, it is not stockinette and therefore takes a little more concentration which I just haven't been able to devote to anything lately.

Ok, this is my Sursa wrap in the colors of the Crimson Tide. I'm not happy with the ruffle however. It is rolling way too much for me. I'm still contemplating what I'm going to do about it if anything. It is pretty much done unless I decide to change something on it.

Last up, is my Koigu shawl/wrap. (Hard to take a picture of it since it is still on the needles) I love the colors of this and with it being in garter stitch the simplicity is definately there, so why can't I seem to finish it? Possibly the fact that there are so many stitches at this point that it takes me about 30 minutes to finish one row. YIKES!! But I have definately got to finish it.

Ok, so we all see that I have a few issues, but I guess that is just a fact of life. The sad thing is that this is just a small sampling of the problem. I guess you could say I'm in denial about the rest of it.

Ok, now on to non-knitting related stuff. This past weekend was chopped full of friends! Whether it be game night at Kevin's (where I was the queen of Dominos for once) or the ball games at Dan's House, it was lots of fun. If even gave me the opportunity to catch up on some chatting with my girl Marla. Sunday after lunch, Tracie & I did a little shopping which we haven't done in SO long. Warning however, if you need accountability on not spending money.....don't take Tracie with you. :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!


jennyhope said...

LOL on the shopping trip with Tracie!! girl how on earth do you have time to knit all of that?

Suzanne B said...

I don't have enough time.....that is the problem. :)

paula said...

Hey, this is why I read your blog. You are a woman after my own heart. so much yarn, so little time, sigh...

joyce said...

i'm really glad you like the hedgehog yarn :)

why don't you just think of yourself as an efficient multi-tasker instead of as someone with a problem, lol? i think everything looks gorgeous and i can't wait to see the shawl in person when i get back!

have fun at knit night tonight! i'm up in connecticut but will be there in two weeks!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I found your blog on Ravelry...there are several of us Bama/knit bloggers here in the B'ham area!! Would love to em you...I would like to send you a link to another Bama knit blogger that is trying to "collect" all the Alabama bloggers to one reference point...she has everyone's links on her blog and a Bama button for your blog. She is a PHENOMENAL knitter and person!
Darlene :)
radhouse (at) mindspring (dot) com

Alissa said...

At least you are up front and honest about your issues. :) You can call your issues "creative issues". I wish I had the talent and patience to knit as you do!

Rani said...

Just found your blog via Woolgirl. Love love love the socks! And I can always use some more enabling yarn info!