Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween today. I'm completely worn out from Trick or Treating tonight with my nephew. This morning, he was a Red Power Ranger when he left for school, but by tonight, he didn't want to be a Power Ranger any longer, so tonight, he was a soccer player. We walked two of the subdivisions in my community (which is what I walk on the weekends for exercise) and it was very much like exercise chasing after a 6 year old. Needless to say, I missed the crisp in the air because I was working up a serious sweat trying to keep up with him. I think we will all sleep well tonight. And I just can't begin to discuss the candy that is in this house that really needs to leave.

My parents are off on vacation this week and it sounds like they are having a great time. Thus far, they have been to Asheville NC and to see the Biltmore, to Cartersville, VA (?) to see Monticello and then to Lynchberg, VA to go to Poplar Grove (at least I think that is right). I'm sure the little man will rack up with lot's of "prizes" when they get back.

I actually had a little bit of success on the shopping front this week. I've been looking for some new suits for work. I have not had to wear suits much in the last few years, but it is becoming a bit of a necessity at times for my current job. Problem is that I'm extremely difficult to fit in clothes, especially suits. I'm right on the cusp of the whole Petite/Misses thing. In the past, petites have been just a tiny bit too short and Misses, well they just didn't fit just right. But success was had last night in the Petites department at Belk (my former Parisians....*sob* *sob*). I actually found three suits that fit really well and they were on sale for a great price!! I love it when things just finally fall into place.

So with the shopping this week and various other crap going on, there hasn't been a ton of knitting being done, but I'm happy to repeat that I have one more repeat on the toe decrease for my second Monkey sock and then I just have to graft the toe. Voila, the monkey socks will so be available for wardrobe by Friday!!

Ok, I got to get to bed now. Have a great Thursday!