Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Recap

As predicted, Friday started out as one of the most grueling days in history. Nothing like 8 hours of accounting & auditing standards update to just make you want to leap off the tallest building you can find. But then it was Friday night and I met my girls Alissa, Tracie & Kathy at the Birmingham Museum of Art for Art on the Rocks. We had a really good time. The company was great, the food was good and the people watching opportunities were excellent!!

On Saturday, my sister, my nephew & I went to cheer on Birmingham Southern College against Rhodes College. I must honestly say that it was not a very exciting game and BSC lost 10-7. But then the game of the day was the Alabama-Arkansas game where the Tide managed to pull out a victory in one of the most exciting games I've seen in a really long time.

Last night I watched an excellent movie, The Ultimate Gift. I had heard from Jenny & Alissa that it was a good movie and they were 100% correct. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

As far as knitting, Friday during the conference I worked on a sock for Christmas and made good progress on it. I also worked some on my Opal Tiger socks this weekend. I cast on for my Sursa wrap from the Noro book and was making great progress but alas I ran short on yarn and had to put it aside until I can pick up some more on Thursday at Knit Night. Lastly, I worked on my Koigu shawl. I'm to the point where it takes forever to make it across a row, so it is hard for it to hold my attention, but I worked on it while I was watching the movie last night. My Hedera socks in the lovely Jitterbug got no attention this weekend, but I hope to get back to them soon.

On the purchasing front, I received my skein of Cracked Canyon from Blue Moon (this is one of their newly discontinued yarns) and I received my skein of Lighthouse from ThankEwe Yarns.

I'll try to get some pictures made and posted this week!