Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is a better week

Well, my mood is much improved over last week. My girls came over to my house last Saturday night to watch a little University of Alabama football. Unfortunately Alabama lost in overtime, but we still had a great time. I'm truly blessed to have this group of women in my life. I don't think we have ever been together when we haven't been laughing about something.

I have also finally finished my Sursa Wrap, but it still needs to have the ends woven in and be blocked. I'm hoping that blocking it will help with the ruffle curling. I realize that stockinette curls on itself, but the entire ruffle is one big roll at the moment. I'll post a picture after it has been blocked. Now I just have to finish all the other projects I have going at the moment and the ones I need to get done:
1. Tiger Socks (christmas present) - in progress
2. Socks for my sister for christmas - in progress
3. Koigu Wrap - in progress
4. Hedera Socks for me - in progress
5. Socks for Dad for Christmas - not started
6. Socks for Mom for Christmas - not started
7. Fuzzy Feet slippers for Mom, Dad & sister for Christmas - not started
8. Fitted Knits vest for me - not started.

And those are just some of the projects. This doesn't count my new purchase of yarn from Joyce (I've been eyeing the "hedgehog" sock yarn for a couple of weeks and just gave in to my lusting for it) and the Yarntini yarn I managed to score from Amy after she purchased a duplicate skein in error. Definately need to get busy.

And then finally, the new TV Shows start this week. Tonight my DVR will be working double time. Tuesday is a big TV night (NCIS, The Unit, Bones, House, Boston Legal), which I used to end up watching half of on Wednesday, but now there is Private Practice on Wednesdays. I'm ready for the seasons to kick off!!


jennyhope said...

yeah on the mood and i have missed seeing you!!