Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Summer is almost gone

It is hard to believe that yesterday was Labor Day. Time has really flown by this year. Yesterday I spent the day with several friends at friend's Dan's pool. We had a great time as usual. My friends are a crazy lot (but then so am I, so it kinda makes sense) and you can guarantee that there will always be lots of laughing involved. I believe we have already come up with a couple of movie suggestions for an impromptu girls night soon. I have to got to see The Ultimate Gift soon. I now have two friends who have seen the movie and talk about what a great movie it is.

This weekend, I tried to watch the movie Bobby. The movie had an all-star cast and was supposed to be this great movie. I turned it off after about 30-45 minutes. I thought it was a huge letdown. It was basically the story of a bunch of different characters and how the death of Robert Kennedy affected him the day he was shot. It was horrible & I definately would not recommend it. The other movie I watched, I would recommend. It was Broken Bridges with Toby Keith and Kelly Preston. It was a pretty good movie and an easy watch. I also watched Fly Boys again last week. Great movie and based on a true story from WWI.

This weekend should be pretty slow. Several of my friends are headed to the beach this weekend. I am SO jealous! But I'm sure they will have a great time (even without me). ;)

Lastly, on my last post, I didn't really review the pattern that comes with the Jitterbug sock yarn. My biggest complaint is that all of the length measurements are based on number of rows, not length in inches. Having to keep up with the row you are on keeps it from being the mindless knitting I'm seeking (just my opinion). I absolutely love working with the yarn, I just wish that Colinette would make it with a little more yardage in each skein. There is no way I could afford to do a pair of socks for my Dad out of this yarn (even though some of the new semisolid colors in the Dali line would be great) because I would have to have two skeins for him because of the yardage issue. I only wear a 7.5, so the yardage is ok for me if I make the leg a little shorter than I normally would.


HEWY said...

Don't worry, the beach was too crowded.

jennyhope said...

i wish one of your friends would pack me in their suitcase to the beach! we missed you on Tuesday but I did have someone knitting there so it reminded me of ya!

jennyhope said...

i have a pic of you on my blog...check it! you are serious into the word!

Alissa said...


We missed you on our trip although we had a great time! I hope you had a great weekend!