Saturday, September 01, 2007

Shop Model Finished

Yeah! I finished the shop model sock that I was doing for my LYS. I have also finished working up the miniature sock and the pattern for the class I'm teaching.

Here are pictures of both finished items.

The coin next to the miniture sock is to give you some scale.

I would like to say that life has been pretty boring, but that would be a lie. There has been the ever present family drama created by my ex-BIL and his new wife. Believe me when I tell you that they need a new hobby. I would give more detail, but they just don't deserve that level of attention - at least not on my blog!

It has actually been raining a good bit here for the last two days. I was planning on mowing the lawn today, but won't be able to do it because the grass is too wet from the storms we had last night. DARN!! I just hate it when that happens. It is only because of the recent rains that I'm even needing to cut the grass. The only upside to a drought is that the grass doesn't grown and therefore doesn't need to be cut. The last time I cut the lawn was the last weekend of July. It just hasn't needed it.

It is just so hard to believe that it is Labor Day weekend and that SEC football started this week. This year is really just flying by. I'm sure a little football watching & listening will be on the agenda for the rest of the day.
Have a Safe Labor Day!


Suzanne B said...

I hit the wrong button and deleted the following comment from Tabitha:

Like the socks especially the itty bitty one. It is so CUTE!!! I have got to knit some of those.

Tabitha, email me at slb at bham dot rr dot com and I'll email you the pattern

joyce said...

it was so much fun knitting with you last night! i loved your blue jitterbug socks and having a chance to get caught up!

Knitman said...

This colourway on the adult sock is right up my street.