Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mood Improving

Well, I finally found the jacket I was looking for last night, so that helped some. However, the level of stupidity I had to deal with to find it did not help! I have an extremely low threshhold for stupidity. The bubble bath was great, but the book no so much so. The book I picked up was Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson. Basically it is about this woman who is married has the perfect child and is just unhappy. I so couldn't relate.

I also finally got the box from Lantern Moon with what I thought was my replacement needles for 2 broken sox sticks (in a size 1). After over a month of waiting, I open the huge box to find one straight needle in a size 5. Talk about dealing with stupidity and ineptitude!! But I will email again today and see if we can't get the matter straightened out.

THEN, Jen sent me the link to icanhascheezburger and I have been laughing my butt off since! Here is one of my favorites thus far.

I also checked my Ravelry status and there are only 448 people ahead of me now. Hey at this rate maybe I'll get my invitation before the endo of the month!!


jen said...

icanhascheezburger works for just about anyone!