Thursday, September 13, 2007

Good News and looking forward to the weekend.

Today I got a call from my friend Doug (who is a marine) to let me know that he had arrived back home safe & sound from his recent 4 1/2 month tour in Iraq. This absolutely made my day!! I have been so worried about him while he has been gone. This was his second tour in Iraq. I also have another friend who is flying to Seattle this weekend to greet his son who is returning from Iraq. This leaves me with just two friends who have loved ones in Iraq. My friend Marla's brother is serving there and has just been reassigned into a region that is highly volatile and dangerous and my friend Sheri's son is serving there as well. Please keep these families in your prayers along with prayers for all our soldiers who are serving in Iraq and their families.

Tomorrow is going to be a dull day for me. I have Continuing Professional Education ALL day long. It will be all I can do to make it through the day to get to the night when I'm headed off for a Girl's Night Out. We are headed to Art on the Rocks at the Birmingham Museum of Art. I'm looking forward to it because I think it will be something new and different for us to try. They have had as many as 3,000 people at these things.

Tonight was also a Girl's night out for dinner. We ate at the California Pizza Kitchen for a nice evening full of laughs. There were a few in our group who were missing tonight and their presence was definately missed. Shout out to my girl Marla for passing her big test today!! You Go Girl!! Now to celebrate it tomorrow night!!

On Saturday, my nephew and I may go support my alma mater, Birmingham Southern College, as they play there second game in the new football season. For those who don't know, my school has not had a football team since 1939.

Other than that, I plan to watch the University of Alabama play Arkansas on Saturday night and also watch the movie The Ultimate Gift which I have heard great things about.


Alissa said...

Roll Tide Suzanne! Art on the Rocks was a blast and we definitely have to go next time! I am all about culture! :)