Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Duets has arrived!!

I came home today and my Duets Yarn from Connie had arrived in the mail today. I wasn't expecting it to get here until next week. Connie picked out the Snap Dragon Colorway for me and I absolutely LOVE it. She also sent me one of the keychain sock blockers which is too cute.

I definately needed this surprise today. I started out my day with a sonogram at the Dr.'s office which confirmed that I have gallstones - about 8 of them to be exact. Since I've already been having chest pains related to these little buggers, I completely expect my Dr. to refer me for surgery when I see her again on Monday. Blech!!!


jennyhope said...

What in the world? Are you going to have it removed? I know we talked about this.

Moms90 said...

I just love this little mini sock kit. Where would I be able to purchase one? Sorry to hear about your gall stones. Hope you are feeling better.