Saturday, July 07, 2007

It is official..........

I have completely lost my mind. I broke down and headed to the LYS this afternoon and bought the Jaegerspun lace weight in black. I have transferred the portion of clue 1 I have already done to another set of needles so that I can go back and possible finish it later (perhaps for a christmas present). So I had to start all over again with clue one. I have been trucking along ntil I got to row 69 (of 100 for those not participating) and I have one stitch too many. Arghh!! I've been looking at it too long to find it tonight. I'll pull back tomorrow and find the error in my ways.

We have finally had a good day of rain here in Alabama where everything is way too dry. The forcast is calling for scattered thunderstorms every day this week, so hopefully we will get some more rain. If it looks like rain tomorrow, we will have to cancel the girls afternoon at the pool, but I think all of us would be willing to sacrifice for a little rain. The good new about rain is that I was able to clear up some of the backlog on the DVR. I am now current on Army Wifes (I was three episodes behind) and ready for the new episode tomorrow night and I cleared up two episodes of The Closer and still have one more to catch up.