Sunday, June 03, 2007

Progress is being made

Ok everyone (or anyone), The Green Gables is finished. Well Almost - I just need to weave in all of the ends and block it, but I hope to have that done this week. I have also started on the rusted root sweater and am getting close to the point where the sleeves get put on scrap yarn for the time being.

This weekend, the only knitting progress was made at night. During the day, I was taking time to rest and relax. Yesterday was the Singles Lake Party for the Single's department at my church. It was a really nice day - a little overcast, but not too hot. And today, my friend DJ and I got to spend some time together at the pool with my nephew and reading our books. I'm reading a really funny book at the moment called Kissing Adrian by Siri L. Mitchell. All said and done, it was a really good weekend.

Now, I would love to chat more, but it is off to do my homework for my bible study and then off to bed.


jennyhope said...

Why in the world do you have a blog and I did not know about it. I am so low right now girl so please keep me in your prayers. Just worn out.
You are so precious to me. love you

connorcolesmom said...

I thank you for visiting my blog. It was so good to hear from you and even nicer to have met you in person. You are a joy.
I do hope I can make it back to say hello again before the Bible study finishes. I know my 2 friends Julie and Brynn are so excited about it. Brynn can not wait to meet again.
I hope you drop back in on the blog again soon.
Much love,