Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Knitting Update

Ok, don't die of shock - can you believe it? Two posts in one week. The world MUST be coming to an end (or I've been feeling a tad guilty about neglecting the blog).

Well, I have been working diligently on the Green Gable this week. I tried it on this evening and I have reached my waistline and I will definately be needing to add the increases for the hips. I must say that it fits perfectly thus far and I hope to be finished this weekend and with pictures to post. (yes, I know I've promised pictures before, but I eventually get around to uploading them from the camera to the computer).

I have also done some work on my Jitterbug Socks this week during my lunch time. I'm about half-way through the foot on the first sock.

I have been getting the Knitting Daily emails. If you haven't been getting those, you need to jump over to the interweave press website and sign up. Yesterday, the editor had a picture of the Lacy Little Top she made from Lana Knits. I think it may have to make the project list soon.

After I get done with Green Gables, my next big project will be my next Zephyr Stlye Pattern, Rusted Root. I'm excited to do this sweater next. I have loved the Green Gables Pattern. It is very well written and easy to follow.

I also need to spend some more time on that Baby Blanket in Progress. My cousin's baby is due the end of July and I'm only about 1/3 done with the blanket. Must get to knitting!